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The costs are based on the respective language and on the level of difficulty of the text.

Every translation job is an individualised service (taking into account the language combination, the target language, the level of difficulty and deadline). Because of the complex nature of this service, quotations refer to specific projects or jobs.

Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of a translated text is calculated according to the number of lines in the text, with a standard line for calculation purposes equalling 55 characters including spaces.

Calculation is done based on the number of lines (or words, if preferred), using the program TEXTCOUNT.

Proof-reading of translations done by third parties is calculated according to an hourly rate.

Quotations are made upon provision of files. Please send your enquiry and file(s) by email to: infoemailhgm-sprachendienst.de.

All documentation is treated with strict confidentiality. If you require, we will sign a confidentiality agreement.

We can only give you a definite quotation after examining the documents to be translated. Also, please provide the following details with your enquiry:

  • Name
  • Company address
  • Telephone/fax/email
  • Source and target languages
  • Subject matter or topic
  • Deadline
  • Formatting requirements

If you do not have the text in electronic form, you can send it to us

by fax:

by post:

++49 030 98 69 42 51 or

Frau Jelena Hagemeister
Matthiasstr. 5
10249 Berlin