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Technical translations

Technical documentations · Catalogues · Operating instructions and Manuals · Invitations to Tender ·
Patents · Advertising · Brochures and Prospectuses · Correspondence

  • Technical translation
    • Traditional translation combined with modern translation technology such as translation memory tools
  • Terminology
    • Creating and maintaining terminology databases
    • Preparing specific glossaries
  • Layout & graphics editing
    • DTP - DeskTop Publishing,
    • All file conversions
    • Foreign language typesetting for PC and Mac
  • Subject-specific editing and proof-reading
  • Multilingual projects

Certified translations

  • Official documents
  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • Invitations to tender
  • Export agreements
  • Documentation for patent agents


Interpreting for conferences, meetings and similar

Being well prepared is a key element of our interpreting services, since the better the interpreter is briefed, the more you can concentrate on your negotiations.

Interpreting services offered:

  • Personal interpreters for business trips etc.
  • Interpreting for business negotiations
  • Conference interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous interpreting)

Language instruction

From native speakers in small groups or individually for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You specify the times, period of instruction, pace and content.

  • Specialist language instruction
  • Intensive language instruction